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I grew up in a small rural town. I started programming at age 6-7 and feel like I was somewhere on the autistic spectrum for much of my young life. From the youngest age, I feel I didn’t fit into my peer groups as I should have. I lived in my own world, isolated, alone, intellect stimulation lacking from peers.

My folks probably knew something, but didn’t realize my potential… I did not even understand fully what I was. Middle school is a blur. Reading Einstein, Tesla, Schr√∂dinger, Asimov, etc. they were my heroes. I felt hopeless.

For most of high school years, I was lucky to find a part in a group that is still special to me. Those people are still the ones who inspire me most. I only wish I could see and experience them more.

I gained confidence after high school with my nerdy friends and was able to fall into the typical structure of society for a while. Good job, married, children, etc.

I ended up working for major defense contractors and met people from all walks of life, from all places, from many bases and learned a substantial amount about how things *really* work in this world.

Post corporate life, I’ve settled into a new existence. It is a very zen one that most cannot understand. I don’t have the typical drives and motivations that most people have in life. Money is good, but not a major motivating factor in my life. Most guys my age are out trying to get every chick that comes their way. I don’t. I feel like I’m waiting for the right one at the right time to fulfill the human needs that arise here, now, at this place in my life.

I became fascinated at an early age about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and I was a part of an investigation group in the 90s. Our goal though was to actually try and discredit all of them and if we couldn’t, then most likely it was real. The group sort-of fell apart when one of the main members mysteriously died in his late 30s despite being perfectly healthy, while working on a major national level investigation.

So long story short, this website was basically created to post videos videos I’ve found online across numerous topics (mostly exo). Primarily the most convincing ones and get them in one place. They are the ones I go back to, time and time again, to find meaning ad connect the dots. Videos that a few friends I have are requesting from me to learn more, to wake up, to find out more about this crazy reality we’re a part of. I’m hoping more find this site and find what they are looking for.


So say we all.